It's easy to be overwhelmed when looking into IT services. The options seem endless and, frankly, the language can be baffling. To make it a little easier for you, we've broken our services down into these 6 key areas. We've tried to keep it as straightforward as possible, so it's not an exhaustive list of every single thing we can do for you. If there's something you need that we haven't mentioned, just give us a call. In fact, give us a call anyway - we're nice people.

So, who we are

Well, we're help4IT, but you probably guessed that already. We're a bit unusual really: we're one of the very few independent IT service companies in London to have been around for over ten years without being swallowed up by one of the big boys, merging with competitors or simply disappearing altogether. And, without wishing to sound too pleased with ourselves, that’s not down to luck.

Over the last decade our success has been solid, consistent and entirely organic. It’s a simple model, based on the following three principles:

We are entirely management-owned with minimal layers of bureaucracy, which means we can be incredibly responsive and innovative when you need something fast or when you ask for something a bit unusual. We believe that "We can't do that" just shows a lack of imagination. Unless you ask us to back up all your historic data to a Commodore 64. We actually can't do that.